Our Partners

Our Partners

IAA has made some important partnerships and is supported by the city council of Ascoli Piceno.

Thanks to this important collaboration and the beliefes that we share as institutions, combined with the development of cultural exchange programs and the diffussion of italian culture, our Study Abroad Program has been accepted and certificated by them as a part of their degree programs for International students.

We have a connection with the Liberal Faculty of Tourism Science of Caserta “Umberto Fragola”.  It takes its name form its founder, a well known lawyer and professor at the University of Naples Federico II.

We collaborate with the Camerino University of the State, and we are the only Institution of the city of Ascoli Piceno that’s collaborate with them, we also offer their post graduated masters and Master degrees programs.

We are related to the Cultural Association Il Portico di Padre Brown guided by the vatican journalist and one of our collaborators Pina Traini. Together we plan extra activities for the students such as cultural events in which they can also participate during their Accademic program.

We are associated with IRSEF the Italian Association for education and research recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education (MIUR).

We are associated with EDUITALIA, a national institution, recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which is involved in the worldwide promotion of its related institutions and universities.