About us



The idea for IAA was born, several years ago, in collaboration with the writer and multifaceted artist Antonella Picciotti; who dedicated her lifework to education through culture, music and art and believed in the realization of this project. Now this innovative idea has taken shape as it has been awarded financing by the European Union. Adding our inspiration and love for Italian language and traditions along with our competence in the field of intercultural exchange IAA is now able to share the vast beauty and ancient culture of Italy and in a specific way the charm of our region rich in treasures and full of history to discover. While at university one of IAA’s co-creators experienced firsthand the immense value of this type of cultural exchange, in turn realizing that the important benefits acquired during this experience should be accessible to all interested students.
IAA is located in the small medieval city of Ascoli Piceno. Here our students will not only be able to live and study in a safe and peaceful environment, but they will also be totally immersed in Italian culture and language. Students will find that their everyday communications must be in Italian, as the majority of the inhabitants do not speak English; a great advantage for students compared to larger cities, where they can find it much too easy to have dialogues in English. The quality of the student experience will be solidified through their everyday life which will require them to use what they have learned.


IAA has a personalized application process. We work directly with international students and their home universities to preapprove the credits. We are currently accepting applications for the Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 semesters. Please complete and submit the APPLICATION FORM to start the enrollment process.