Italian Food and Wine Study Programs

Unique Italian Food and Wine Study Programs

International Academy Antonella offers unique experiences through exceptional study programs which will introduce you to a whole different aspect of the Italian culture. One of the most interesting study programs that you can find in our academy is the Italian Food and Wine Study Programs.

The culinary skills of the Italian cuisine are unique, and irreplaceable. Now you have the chance to learn every curiosity that characterizes our traditional food and the delicious Italian wine.

Italian Food and Wine Study Programs

Italian Food and Wine Study Programs

The Best Italian Food and Wine Study Programs

During the Italian food and cooking course, you will learn about all aspects of our culinary tradition and the main ingredients of our most popular recipes. You will learn the secrets of our dishes, and besides, you will have the opportunity to experiment with these recipes in our culinary labs to test all the knowledge gained during the study program.

Furthermore, we will also introduce you to the fundamentals of oenology, also known as the study of wines. Wines are special to Italians. Its production includes a unique process that requires great effort, but most of all passion and love. Winemaking is part of our long tradition, and it has a great impact in our economy and agriculture.

What our Italian Food and Wine Study Programs Offer?

During the wine study program, you will learn about the wine making process, visit the most famous winery wineries, and enjoy their tasting. Don’t waste your time and complete your application for admission to our academy, now.
To learn more about the best Italian Food and Wine Study Programs and our fees, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime!

Italian Food and Wine Study Programs


IAA has a personalized application process. We work directly with international students and their home universities to preapprove the credits. We are currently accepting applications for the Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 semesters. Please complete and submit the APPLICATION FORM to start the enrollment process.